AN-HDA501 / HDMI to AHD 1080P converter


1. Introduction

The HDMI TO AHD video conversion solution is the latest in scaling and frequency conversion technology, designed to convert HDMI signals into security analog HD AHD signal outputs.

2. Features

  1. Support HDMI 1.3 standard, 720p/50, 720p/60, 1080p/50, 1080p/60 resolution HDMI signal input.
  2. Maximum output of AHD 1080P/30 resolution, automatic frequency conversion and zoom can select output. AHD output support: 1080P/25Hz, 1080P/30Hz.
  3. HDMI input can automatically detect HDMI signal
  4. Built-in ESD industrial grade protection circuit to prevent static electricity
  5. Built-in industrial grade lightning protection
  6. Support user customization and OEM method

3. Connection Manual

  1. Ensure the Converter is disconnected from power.
  2. Connect HDMI source to the HDMI input and sink to AHD output.
  3. Connect 5V 1A DC power to the converter. Attention: Insert/Extract cable gently
connection diagram_HDMI-to-AHDx2-converter
connection diagram_HDMI-to-AHDx2-converter
IO Interface_HDMIx1 and AHDx2
IO Interface_HDMIx1 and AHDx2

4. Package Included

 1 unit per box