AN-HDH320 / 150M HDMI Extender Over Cat5 e6


1. Introduction

This device is used for a pair extension of this HDMI Cat6 cable to extend HD signal up to 150 meters. It is based on TCP/IP standard and it can transmit your HD display with the high resolution up to 150 meters away from your DVD or computer source by using one CAT5e/6 cable.

At the same time, it’s convenient to transmit HDMI audio and video source by point-to-point mode, one point-to-multi point mode and cascade connection mode.

2. Features

  1. Support HDMI 1.3
  2. H.264 code transmission, transmission rate 8.1Mbps
  3. Support point-to-point mode, one point-to-multi point mode and cascade connection mode
  4. 802.3 Ethernet standard
  5. Support IR remote control
  6. The transmitter support HDMI loop-out function
  7. The design of pure hardware, plug and play, no need for additional software

3. Connection Manual

  1. Connect the HDMI source (such as DVD, PS3, STB ) to the HDMI IN of Sender.
  2. Connect the IR sender to the Sender IR OUT Port, and Be Directed at HDMI video source’s IR receiver.
  3. Connect the HDMI out of Receiver to HDTV display.
  4. Connect the IR receiver to the Receiver IR IN Port.
  5. Use one Cat5e/6 cable up to 150m to connect the Sender and Receiver.
  6. Plug two pieces of 5V power supply into the Sender and Receiver.
  7. Power on the HDTV display and HDMI source.
connection diagram 1_Extender Over Cat5 e6
connection diagram 1_Extender Over Cat5 e6


HDTV Resolutions480p,576p,720p,1080p
AudioSample rate:32kHz,44.1kHz,48kHz
IR remote control38kHz;NEC
Power adapterInput:100V-240V(50-60Hz)   Output:5V/1A
Power consumptionHDMI Sender:3W    HDMI receiver:3W
Weight240g x 2
Operating Temperature/Humidity0℃-70℃/10%-80%RH(no condensation)
Storage Temperature/Humidity-10℃-80℃/5%-90%RH(no condensation)