AN-IP702 / 7” Multifunction CCTV Tester Monitor for IP AHD TVI CVI Cameras (1920×1200 upgrade)

7” Multifunction CCTV Tester Monitor for IP AHD TVI CVI Cameras
7” Multifunction CCTV Tester Monitor for IP AHD TVI CVI Cameras


  • New 7 inch IPS touch screen cctv tester,1920*1200 resolution.
  • H.265&H.264, 4K display via mainstream.
  • IP and analog testing at the same time.
  • In HDMI IN mode, It can converter test from analog to digital with dual test window IP & HDMI IN or Analog & HDMI IN.
  • RJ45 cable TDR test and cable quality test, to test cable pair status, length, attenuation reflectivity, impedance, skew and other parameter.
  • Screen capture, long press the key “enter”, can capture screen interface and save it in any time
  • 12V power input test
  • “TesterPlay” app, support Tester, PC and mobile phone display at the same time. The android version mobile phone install “TesterPlay ” app, or install VLC player in the PC, can real-time receiving screen information from the tester Screen management, change function’s icons order, create new directory.
  • Themes: Lite mode and normal mode can select , change the icons and desktop. background ,change sliding effect etc.
  • Built in Wi-Fi ,display image from the wireless camera , create WIFI hotspot.
  • Rapid video, auto scan the IP camera address, via one key to view the image.
  • Screen lock : password lock and pattern lock are optional.
  • Office, quick office app (support excel, word, ppt format) doc. Editable.
  • Rapid IP scan , auto scan whole network or other network device ‘s IP address.
  • CVBS loop test , tester can receive and send the color bar generator ,to check BNC cable.
  • Traffic monitoring of the tester “Lan port”, display network port or WIFI connection real-time .upload and download speeds and other network parameters.
  • Shortcut button, drop-down menu ,PoE power switch ,IP setting, WLAN switch , HDMI IN functions,screen lock, password lock screen or pattern lock etc.
  • IP discovery, do not need to know the first two digits of camera’s IP address , it can auto-scan the whole network segment IP, and auto-modify tester’s IP address.
  • Rapid ONVIF, search camera quickly, auto log in and display image from the camera, activate Hikvision camera.
  • ONVIF camera test, support 4K.
    It is used unique hardware decoding, display image from the 4K camera via mainstream.
    You can select sub-stream to test higher resolution  camera.
  • ONVIF IP camera video testing.
  • Compatible with H.265/H.264/MPEG4/MJPEG IP cameras, such as Dahua, HIKVISION, and ACTI Customized service are available.
  • Built in Wi-Fi, can receive image from wireless camera, as well as ONVIF and customized IP cameras.
  • SDI digital camera image display, record and screen snapshot * (Optional)
  • HD CVI camera image display, zoom, video record and playback ,Coaxial PTZ control and call camera OSD menu.
  • HD TVI camera image display, zoom, video record and playback ,Coaxial PTZ control and call camera OSD menu.
  • AHD camera image display, zoom, video record and playback, Coaxial PTZ control and call camera OSD menu.
  • HDMI signal output, supports up to 1080P.
  • Analog camera image display, auto adapt and display the video format of NTSC/PAL.
  • Support more than 30 protocols, such as PELCO-P,PELCO-D,SAMSUNG etc.
  • Video image digital zoom to view the image in greater detail.
  • Snapshot function allows you to save the current image as a JPG file in the SD card.
  • Built in enhanced image generator, send the color, pure blue and black image, test monitor transmission channel and debug display device, observe whether there are light spots or black spots on the monitor.
  • LED Flashlight.
  • 8GB Micro SD card included.
  • LCD screen brightness/contrast/color Saturation adjustable.
  • Enhanced Color bar generator, PAL/NTSC multi-system color bar video generator (Eight-system switchable, transmit/receive eight-system colorful images).
  • Ping test, PING is the most conventional network debugging tools; it is used for testing if the connected IP camera or other network equipment’s Ethernet port is working normally and the IP address is correct.
  • In digital IP surveillance applications, if the IP camera’s IP address is not known, the device cannot be used. An IP address scan can quickly search for the connected IP camera or other network device’s IP address.
  • The PoE voltage test can test for PoE voltage when a POE switch is supplying POE power to IP camera.
  • Cable test , Test LAN cable or telephone cable,UTP cable etc ,cable type and the sequence of wires will be displayed.
  • Support RS485,rate 600 ~ 115200bps adjustable.
  • PTZ protocol analysis, control protocol command displays to check RS485 transmission whether is normal, easy to find the fault device.
  • PoE power output, supply temporary power for PoE camera.
  • DC5V 2A power output, as a power bank.
  • Audio input and output, test and output the audio signal.
  • 7.4V Lithium Ion Polymer Battery ,Working time lasts 10 hours, after charging for 6 ~7 hours.
1920x1200 upgrade
1920×1200 upgrade


Display 7-inch touch screen with 1920×1200 resolution
Network port 10 / 100 / 1000M auto adjust, RJ45
WIFI WIFI 150Mbps to connect to a wireless network and view IP cameras
Mainstream test 4K, H.265/H.264 camera image display by mainstream testing
IP camera type ONVIF, Dahua IPC-HFW2100P, Hikvision DS-2CD864-E13, Samsung SNZ-5200, Tiandy TD-NC9200S2, Kodak IPC120L, Honeywell HICC-2300T, RTSP Viewer, etc
SDI signal test (Optional) SDI BNC input. Supports up to 1080p 25/30/50/60, 1080i 50/60
AHD TVI CVI signal test AHD / TVI / CVI BNC input. Supports AHD 8MP, TVI 8MP, CVI 8MP
Zoom Image Analog and IP camera image zooming & movement
Snapshot, Video record and playback Capture current images and record live video as JPG file. Media player will view photos and playback video
HDMI input / output 1 channel HDMI input and 1 channel HDMI input
RJ45 cable TDR test RJ45 cable TDR test and cable quality test, to test cable pair status, length, attenuation reflectivity, impedance, skew and other parameter.
12V / 3A power output Output DC12V / 3A power to camera
USB 5V power output 5V 2A power output, Hot plugging supported
PoE power output 48V PoE power output, Max power 24W
Audio test 1 channel audio signal input and output to connect headphones
PTZ control Support RS485 control, Baud 600-115200bps, Compatible with more than 90 protocols such as PELCO-D/P, Samsung, Panasonic, etc
Color bar generator Output one channel PAL / NTSC color bar video signal for testing monitor or video cable. (red, green ,blue, white and black color )
UTP Cable tester Test UTP cable connection status and display on the screen.
Network test PING Test, IP address scan, Network test (Ethernet bandwidth test), Port Flashing, DHCP server, Trace route and Link monitor.
PoE / PSE voltage test Measures PoE switch voltage and displays pin configuration
My APPS The user can install apps with android version
Battery Built-in 7.4V Lithium polymer battery, 5000mAh
Working time After charging 5-6 hours, normal working time 8-10hours
Operation setting Capacitive touch screen, OSD menu, select your desired language: English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Italian or Polish, etc
Dimension / Weight 240mm x 154mm x 46mm / 625g

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