NE-5501 kit / 5.6 inch testing monitor kit

NE-5501 kit
5.6 inchTest Monitor kit
5.6 inch Test Monitor kit

Key Specifications

  • 5.6-inch TFT LCD monitor
  • For stereo audio and video, use the physical button/switch/wheels, easy and much more flexible to operate the service/test kits. For CCTV installation.
  • LCD module screen size: 5.6-inch, 116 x 87mm
  • LCD module active area: 113.28 x 84.708mm
  • LCD module drive system: A-Si TFT active matrix
  • LCD module dot matrix: horizontal 320 x RGB x vertical 234 dots
  • LCD module dot pitch: 0.118 x 0.362mm
  • Overall dimensions: 162 x 133 x 54mm
  • Contract ratio: 200:1
  • Luminosity: 250cd/m²
  • Sound output: 200mW x built-in 4cm speaker, 1 piece
  • Input terminal: power input, video input and audio input
  • Consumption power: 12V DC/650mA, 8W maximum
  • Power input: 12V DC ±10%
  • Video input: 0.75Vp-p to 1Vp-p, Φ3.5mm pin
  • Audio input: 50mV minimum, stereo in, Φ3.5mm pin
  • Sound output: earphone, Φ3.5mm pin
  • Screen display: normal/reverse switchable (N ↔ R)
  • Operating temperature: 5 to 60°C
  • Storage temperature: -40 to 95°C
  • Maximum working hours of the rechargeable battery pack: 4 hours
  • Safety approvals: CE, FCC and RoHS